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This way, the systematic programmed in LimonchiDesign seeks to transfer to the professional area all innovator instruction created around the digital methodology, with the solid objective of penetrate in any company/professional whose activity or productive derivation finds -even though- a minimum connection point with the -technical or artistic- image environment. In this case, many people can think is excessively small the number of areas embraced in this graphic supposition; nevertheless, if you analyze attentively the list of disciplines proposed by LimonchiDesign you will discover there are countless the professionals using -daily- visual approaches to develop their work.

From strictly constructive disciplines -like architecture- to other fields that proposes educational nature necessities -for example, the writing and illustration of a book-, crossing areas related to design and manufacture of industrial goods,... in LimonchiDesign we attend to global solutions to the development of products and other matters included in the digital graphic area.




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Manuel Viñas Limonchi, 2008
PhD in Fine Arts
San Jorge University